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Sunday Summer Week 7 Scores

The scores from the Sunday Week 7 games are up. The Results page is updated with full standings, individual stat leaderboard, and team stats.

Sunday Week 6 and Weekday Weeks 3 Photos

The pics from the Sunday Week 6 and Weekday Weeks 3 games are up. You can view a selection of pics on the game pages, and more on Facebook and Flickr.

Weekday Summer Week 3 Scores

The scores from the Weekday Week 3 games are up. The Results page is updated with full standings, individual stat leaderboard, and team stats.

Players of the Week

Each week we feature an outstanding performance by a player in each league.

Raphael Z. - The Come Up
25 Pts, 11 Rbs, 3 Ast, 1 Stl, 1 Blk
Sun - 10AM: TCU 62 - WAR 58
Anthony H. - Show Stoppers
30 Pts, 5 Rbs, 4 Ast, 4 Stl
Sun - 6PM: SST 66 - BKK 59
Frankie M. - Pineapples
27 Pts, 6 Stl, 5 Ast, 5 Rbs
Wd - 7PM: PNE 53 - OPS 47

Open Gym

Sunday, May 25th
5:00PM - 7:00PM
Location: East Village Gym
Discounted Price: $7
Capacity: 20 Players
Email to reserve a spot
If you'd like us to host an event for you, email us. Check out an event we hosted previously here.

Upcoming Games

Sunday, July 27th
10AM - TCU vs WAR 4PM - MND vs BLS
11AM - GLF vs NBN 5PM - BGG vs BBS
12PM - IT1 vs HRG 6PM - SST vs BKK
1PM - HDR vs BLM 7PM - GMB vs OMG
2PM - IT2 vs BLS 8PM - DSW vs DRC
3PM - BTB vs TTO  
Wednesday, July 30th
6:30PM - NNN vs OPS 8:30PM - SSH vs IT2
7:30PM - PNZ vs BPT 9:30PM - HOU vs FLD

Meet the Player



Name: James Gonzales

Team: The Come Up

James first played in ABC Hoops NYC in the league's sixth season in the Summer of 2012. He's currently playing in his eighth season.

James' team, The Come Up, has appeared in three championship games and has won two. He graduated from Penn State, and is in the process of earning his MS in Accounting from Baruch College.Read More


What: 3-Point Contest

When: June 22nd @ 12PM

Where: YMCA on the Bowery

Prize: Assorted Prizes & Trophies

Under 18 Price: $5

18 & Over Price: $10

ABC Hoops NYC's summer 3-Point Contest is being held Sunday, June 22nd in association with the Chinatown YMCA on the Bowery.

Click here to read more and sign up.


Check out footage from our last 3-Point Contest:

Also check out the our Summer Promo and Benedict Schemers' Road To Perfection.

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Stats of the Week

28 Points Per Game
Brian B. of Game...Blouses is averaging 28 points per game in this, his first season in ABC Hoops NYC.
138 Points
John M. of Indie Team 2 has scored more points than anyone else this season so far.
Check out more stats in the Record Books.