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Sunday Midseason Power Rankings

We're at the half way point of the season, so it's time for Power Rankings.

Oakley Division
Rank Team Record Comment
1. Newport 4-0 Huge win for these guys against Spring Street. However, these guys were undefeated at midseason in the Winter. Will it be different this year?
2. iVenture 3-0 Newcomers iVenture has certainly made their presence felt in this league. Boasting an impressive undefeated record so far, they get a well deserved bye this week. It'll help because they play three very difficult opponents next.
3. 3rd Rock 3-1 Great win this week against the Ponzi Schemers, but they have a very tough road to finish off the season. These guys are seasoned vets in this league and I expect them to finish strong and make noise in the playoffs. Literally. They are the league’s loudest team.
4. Ponzi Schemers 2-1 Boy oh boy. With a combination of devastating injuries to their top two guards, along with a snafu by their team's captain in a scheduling mix-up, it seems to be the same ole’ Ponzis yet again. I always get the question, “When all things being optimal, when we have our full squad, when we aren't riddled with injuries, when the temperature outside is 63 degrees, name one team that is better than the Ponzis.” Answer: many teams are better than the Ponzis.
5. Spring Street 2-2 These guys added a much needed bench to their team and are playing very strong. You can never count these guys out, as they own two championship shirts. Teams come and go, but this squad is a perennial contender.
6. Super Soul Sonics 2-2 This squad only won one game last season. They have currently pulled off two straight and are looking for more. Joji has been going off and now leads the league in scoring. The Sonics are definitely my dark horse team in the Oakley division.
7. Very Erratic Play 1-2 Who are these guys? They look great. They look terrible. Last season, they blew out the Sonics. Last week it was them who got blown out.
8. Warriors 1-3 Tons of talent on this team, but just like any individual team, they'll need time to gel with each other. Hopefully the pieces will fit together just in time for the playoffs.
9. Walk It Off 0-3 These new comers have TONS of talent. Great guard play with good forwards down low. They just need to make sure a full squad shows up week in and week out. Tough road ahead for these guys, they'll need to step it up.
10. Brooklyn Hustlas 0-3 This old team came back this season and have been greeted rudely as they have dropped their first three games. Tons of great guard play, but what this team is lacking is a big down low. It's going to be tough relying on the long ball every week.
11. Game, Blouses 1-2 These guys are terrible. The two new additions look pretty good though.


Mason Division
Rank Team Record Comment
1. Redeem Team 3-0 Will this year finally be the year? These guys look great and have the chance to run the table this year. As they work on their chemistry with new players during the regular season, there is no doubt this team is looking to do damage in the playoffs.
2. Auto Buckets 2-0 Led by Jordan S., these guys have pulled off two very impressive victories and can certainly contend for the title. More importantly, they lead the league in FT% (.880), PPG (62.50) and APG (17.5) and their division in FG% (.462) and 3PT% (.370). These guys can light it up from all over the court and play great team ball. These guys are stat sheet stuffers.
3. PF Flyers 2-1 This team plays great team ball and it helps shooting at a very high percentage (3rd in the league .451FG%). They've got a tough schedule ahead of them going up against a very good Holy Day Detox team followed by the Mason's division top dog, Redeem Team. Tough to say these guys are my dark-horse team being ranked so high, but so be it. My dark-horse for the Mason division.
4. Manacondas 3-1 A very balanced team. A good big combined with good guard play, the Manacondas have quietly pulled off three big victories so far this season. However, they face a big test this week against a hungry Auto Buckets team.
5. Clearly Superior 3-1 One of the most humble team names this league's ever seen. This remix of last season's Money Team, looks good and hopes to replicate their success from last season.
6. Holy Day Detox 2-1 These guys return after a hiatus of two seasons and they are looking good. They lead the league in rebounds per game (39), but have yet to record a single block! They have reeled off two straight but will face a tough PF Flyers squad.
7. Past Our Prime 1-2 Great new addition to this league. They play very well as a team and have one of the happiest team pictures I've ever seen.
8. Supernovak 1-3 Don't let their record fool you. Two of their losses were decided by a combined five points. Their road gets no easier before their bye week as they face Past Our Prime. Hopefully these guys can recover and head into their bye on a winning note.
9. Team Problems 1-3 The return of Richie has really excited the league. However, its emerging star N. Bishop that has been lighting up the league this season. Their three losses have been decided by a combined seven points! There is no doubt this team is a lot better than their record. But they still belong down here in the rankings for now.
10. BAC United 1-3 Great first win for these guys. You cannot question their heart and determination and their stellar ability to play as one cohesive team. They however, have a tough tough road ahead of them.
11. Brooklyn Bred 0-4 With two new additions to this squad, hopefully they can squeeze out a win before the playoffs.

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Posted on Wednesday, April 25th at 4:00pm

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Oakley Division Playoffs
  Newport 4-0
  Very Erratic Play 4-1
  3rd Rock 1-1
  Spring Street 1-1
  iVenture 0-1
  Game, Blouses 0-1
  Warriors 1-1
  Ponzi Schemers 1-1
  Brooklyn Hustlas 0-1
  Super Soul Sonics 0-1
  Walk It Off 0-1
Mason Division Playoffs
  PF Flyers 4-1
  Auto Buckets 2-1
  Manacondas 1-1
  Past Our Prime 1-1
  Redeem Team 0-1
  Clearly Superior 0-1
  Holy Day Detox 1-1
  Team Problems 1-1
  Supernovak 0-1
  Brooklyn Bred 0-1
  BAC United 0-1