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3 Point Contest

ABC Hoops NYC's second 3 Point Contest took place on June 10th between games of the Sunday Playoffs. The prize was a pair of Jordans chosen by the winter.

Nineteen players competed, and there were three rounds. Each player had 50 seconds to shoot six balls from three positions. One ball at each position was a money ball worth two points.

After narrowly making it out of the first round, Darwin of the Renegades in the Saturday League was crowned champion of the contest. He was offered his choice in Jordans, and he chose a pair of IVs.

The first 3 Point Contest took place in February, and you can read about it and see pics here.

Name Team 1st Round 2nd Round 3rd Round
Darwin RE 6 5 9
Raymond C. IV 6 11 6
Michael R. MA 7 7 4
Bryant MA 8 9 3
Joe SM 8 4  
Justin TC 6 4  
Bryan BB 6 4  
Pedro RT 9 3  
Kenneth MA 5    
Will M. RT 5    
Ray T. IV 5    
Adam E. AB 4    
KG GB 4    
Danny RT 3    
Jamie GB 2    
Cooney GB 2    
Khlafani TD 2    
Richie TP 1    
Edwin R. MA 0    


Oakley Division Playoffs
  Newport 4-0
  Very Erratic Play 4-1
  3rd Rock 1-1
  Spring Street 1-1
  iVenture 0-1
  Game, Blouses 0-1
  Warriors 1-1
  Ponzi Schemers 1-1
  Brooklyn Hustlas 0-1
  Super Soul Sonics 0-1
  Walk It Off 0-1
Mason Division Playoffs
  PF Flyers 4-1
  Auto Buckets 2-1
  Manacondas 1-1
  Past Our Prime 1-1
  Redeem Team 0-1
  Clearly Superior 0-1
  Holy Day Detox 1-1
  Team Problems 1-1
  Supernovak 0-1
  Brooklyn Bred 0-1
  BAC United 0-1